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What is a Medical Grade Peel / how does it work -

Over the years, chemical peels have become a popular non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment. As we age, our body’s natural rejuvenation process slows down. This includes the natural turnover of dead skin cells, which are replaced by new cells. As a result, the complexion appears dull, dehydrated and sluggish. A medical grade peel is the use of acidic substances carefully layered onto the skin surface to remove the outermost layers of old discoloured, damaged skin cells to reveal a fresher smoother surface. Medical peels will increase the skin’s natural skin cell turnover rate while combating the visible changes that come with ageing. The result is smoother, brighter, more even-looking youthful skin

What are the benefits of a medical peel / what can a medical peel treat -

- Gently exfoliates the skin surface, revitalising & re-energizing lacklustre skin 
- Helps increase cellular turnover and maximizes oxygen transportation into skin cells neutralising toxins 
- Reducing water loss, increasing hydration levels, strengthens the skin, reinforces the skins immunity and health
- Improve the texture of the skin and stimulate collagen renewal
- Provides anti-bacterial support for regulating oil flow, control active acne, clear blocked pores, congestion, comodones, milia and reduces enlarged pores
- Helps reduce the appearance of shallowing wrinkling and fine lines
- Improves superficial scarring and uneven skin tone and texture
- Reduces the appearance of sun damage and lighten hyperpigmentation 
- Helps the appearance of tired, dull, sallow and sluggish skin complexions

How many treatments / how often -

You will notice a result with a one off treatment however, for best results we recommend 6-10 treatments 2 weeks apart depending on your skin concern and condition. Home care products and a strict sun protection plan are highly recommended to maximise results. Your dermal Therapist will determine which Peel and course of treatment is suitable to reach your optimal result. Each peel treatment is tailor-made to assist your concerns and requirements.

What is the Down Time Following Medical Grade Peels -

It is a common misconception that professional peels must always be aggressive solutions in high percentages that result in excessive visible peeling, scabbing and downtime to obtain quick results. We minimise the down time following this treatment by using the purest forms of clinically tested lactic acid, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, vitamins A, B & C and enzyme ingredients in all our peels. You may experience some mild redness which usually subsides within a few hours and mild flaking 2-3 days following the treatment, if this occurs it usually subsides within 2-3 days.

Is the treatment painful -

It is normal to experience a tingling sensation on peel application, which can last up to 10 minutes. This subsides and when you leave the clinic your skin may feel slightly tight but all tingling and warm sensations will have dissipated.

Essential Pre/Post Care -

  • For a period of 2 weeks prior to a medical peel, you may be required to prepare the skin using active skin care products. Your pre-peel preparation may include a combination of retinol, vitamin C, a tyrosine inhibitor and AHA & BHA ingredients to ensure maximum results
  •  Three days prior to your appointment, you will need to stop the use of any cosmeceutical retinols. Topical prescription retinol will need to be ceased at least two weeks in advance.
  •  For a period of 3 days following application, do not use any exfoliation, AHA’s or BHA’s.
  •  Please unsure you wear SPF50 and avoid sun exposure through the duration of treatments for optimal results.
  •  Peeling, if occurs, generally begins around the mouth area and is usually complete in 3-5 days. Moisturise flaking skin as required.
  • Follow your dermal therapist home care guidelines for maximum results. 

(Please note all pre/post skin care products are available for purchase. Product packages available with treatment packages)

30 minutes $79

Pay for 5 upfront, receive 6th free