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Express Anti-Aging DNA Regeneration Facial Treatment

25 Minutes $39

This action packed anti-aging treatment utilses DNA regeneration and the latest scientific technologies to assist in the repair of cellular DNA damage, minimising the effects of biological and premature aging. Using Telomere Technology and a number of highly active complexes, this treatment will result in a younger, radiant, healthier looking skin.

Regeneration Skin Workout

30 Minutes $49

This power packed treatment utilises the latest science based ingredients to boost skin cell renewal leaving skin feeling smooth, rejuvenated and luminous. Optimum levels of lactic acid and vitamins combine to ensure a younger, brighter skin.

Alpha Hydroxy Medical Peel

30 Minutes $59

This DNA Regenaration treatment workout provides an instant boost for sun damaged and aging skin. Utilising Lactic, Glycolic and Salycilic Acids to repair and aid in skin cell turnover whilst applying Vitamins A, B and C to restore balance and ensure skin youthfulness.

Microdermabrasion Treatment

45 Minutes $79

This clinical grade skin treatment will help minimise the signs of ageing, reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve skin tone and texture, revealing clearer, firmer looking skin. Microdermabrasion comfortably exfoliates the epidermis and polishes the skin while Sonophoresis delivers non invasive sound waves to allow maximum absorption of active ingredients. This treatment uses Vitamins A, B, C and DNA Renewal Treatment to deeply regenerate cells to strengthen and firm the skin.

Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Treatment

60 Minutes $89

An advanced 3 step rejuvenating and regenerating treatment for environmentally aged and fatigued skin. Includes Microdermabrasion Treatment to exfoliate and polish the skin, professional peel to brighten and improves skin tone combines with Sonophoresis for the enhanced delivery of vital anti-oxidants, peptides, and vitamins. This beautiful treatment will leave your skin feeling hydrated, smooth and glowing.